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Mozambique offers some of the finest diving in southern Africa with warm waters, diverse and plentiful marine life, uncrowded sites and normally excellent visibility. The most popular site is the Bazaruto archipelago that has exceptional diving and snorkeling opportunities, including Manta Reef, Two-Mile Reef, Vengies, Rainbow Runner Reef and the Greek Temple. The waters of the Inhambane area are also a snorkeling and diving paradise with pristine reefs and an abundance of manta rays and whale sharks. During the winter months there is a possibility of close-up encounters with the migrating humpback whales. In Guinjata Bay visitors are offered boat trips to snorkel with the whale sharks and the island is a popular destination with extensive coral reefs teeming with life.

Mozambique offers some of the world's best fishing and some of the most challenging big game fishing in southern Africa, predominantly around Guinjata Bay and the deep waters of the Mozambique Channel. Marlin, sailfish and other huge fish weighing over 1,000 pounds (453kg) can be caught, however a catch and release system is encouraged to protect the natural resources. Numerous centers along the coast also offer rock, surf and fly-fishing for those wishing for a more tranquil fishing experience.
Bird Watching
Mozambique is filled with spectrums of colour, whether it is above or below the water and bird watching in its delicate ecosystem can really be rewarding. Mozambique was at one point practically off limits to bird watchers due to civil unrest, disease as well as a poor infrastructure, it has once again become a popular spot to explore. This is the home of open wetlands and mysterious mangrove forests which are in danger of dying out at the hands of man. In this setting, there are over 690 species to be seen.

On land Bazaruto plays host to more than 179 species of birds, a vast range of Palaearctic migrants, 25 species of waders and huge flocks of pelicans and flamingoes in and around the coastal lakes and tidal pools. Bird lovers will revel in the splendour and diversity of the diverse bird life.
Water Sports
Indigo Bay is stocked with a full range of water sport equipment. Guests looking for action can water-ski in the calm waters off the central beach or opt for fun variants thereof (such as wake-snakes, wake-boards, knee-boards and doughnuts). A range of non-motorised water sports, such as kayaking, windsurfing and Hobiecat sailing, is also on offer and the equipment is up-to-date and well-maintained.

Medjumbe is a natural playground for holiday makers offering sailing, windsurfing and water skiing. Gulf Craft 20' Swan is used for water skiing and tubing, with wake and knee boards also available. Sailing craft include a Hobi 16 and a Gypsy sailing dinghy. Kayaks are available for guests to explore the crystal clear Quirimbas waters around Medjumbe or the reefs around nearby Quissanga Island. Guest can also go on a boat to explore the surrounding marine life, which includes dolphins all year round and whales from August to November.
Dune Boarding
One of Bazaruto Island's features is its spectacular high sand dunes, which makes for exciting dune boarding for the entire family. Boards used require very little skill to master and can be easily handled by children as well as adults. Whizzing down a sand dune with the azure Indian Ocean around you, is one of the more thrilling experiences.
Island Drives
For visitors who are interested in local flora, fauna and culture, on offer is informative drives in our 4x4 vehicle around Bazaruto Island. Guests can tailor-make drives to suit their individual interests, which may include a visit to a local village, excursion to a 19th century lighthouse, bird-watching around unspoilt inland lakes, a trip to Sailfish Bay on the pristine eastern shore, or spectacular sunset drinks on the high central dunes.
Horse Rides
Hardy and carefully chosen Boerperds (horses) cater for novices and advanced riders alike. Embark in the early morning or late afternoon on a ride to explore the forests and dunes on the island, or select a breathtaking beach ride where you can canter along beautiful white sandy shores and even swim in the waves if you choose. Stable Managers will conduct basic riding lessons for guests looking for instruction. Full chaps and riding hats are available on site. Horse riding is definitely an exciting way to explore the beach and surroundings.
Ibo Island
Ibo Island, or as the locals call it 'Ilha do Ibo' is nestled in the Quirimbas Archipelago of northern Mozambique and has a fascinating history. From the 15th to the 18th century, Ibo was a wealthy trading post, and the provincial capital of Cabo Delgado. Grand colonial administration buildings lined its streets, and three grandiose forts stood guard over the sea. This little mangrove, coral and palm-fringed island has a history of slaves, pirates, silver, ivory and intrigue. Present day Ibo retains its boundless secrets, history and culture. The island boasts three historical forts, a beautiful old catholic church and numerous ancient administration buildings. Zoned for World Heritage Status and part of the Quirimbas National Park, Ibo Island is one of northern Mozambique's most authentic secrets!