Annual Events

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Mountain Biking Music Festival
Wimbi Beach Independence Day
Mountain Biking

If you're a pedal pushing junkie with a lust for exotic destinations then you're going to love this! Enter a Magical Mystery 3 stage Mountain Bike event in Marvellous Mozambique this June. What could be better than pedalling on pristine beaches under a full moon and a canopy of twinkling stars or whizzing through coconut groves under a brilliant blue sky? After four days of pumping pedals you could dive the coral reefs, chill out and watch whales or give your legs a well deserved rest and just laze on the beaches.

Music Festivals
Maputo, Mozambique - Avante Mozambique! Festival, the countryís First Annual Cultural Tourism Festival. The Music Festival in Mozambique is one of the most popular cultural events in the country that attracts tourists from all over the world. The Music Festival in Mozambique aims at putting forth these talents, specialties of the people in the limelight so that they receive recognition and accolades worldwide. The extravagant and historical two-week long event is held to celebrate the nationís peace, social harmony and international camaraderie. The main aim behind the festival is to showcase the cultural diversities of this place.
The Music Festival in Mozambique are marked by special highlights like a grand gala opening; International performance of arts; tribute is given to the heroes and champions of the country; a special focus festival forum is provided; celebration of traditional arts; special performances by the contemporary artists of Mozambique; visual arts exhibitions; Film festival and workshops; seminars and the various business investment opportunities.
Wimbi Beach
Miles of white sand beaches, the swaying fronds of tall palm trees, clear blue waters and total relaxation are what Wimbi Beach is all about. Wimbi (or Wembe) Beach is but a short distance from Pemba. The town itself is worth a visit, with a huge market where you can buy just about anything.

But it won't be long before you head for the beach. Lying on the warm coral sands is exercise enough for a lot of people, occasionally stirring to buy a coconut or fresh bread. For the more active the beach offers the whole range of water sports, plus good fishing and diving. There is also the option of heading toward the Querimbas Archipelago, a string of islands stretching north towards Tanzania. The diving is even better from here and the crumbling colonial buildings strangely compelling.
Independence Day
Independence Day falls on the 25 June for Mozambique. It is greeted with celebrations, especially in the capital of Maputo. The day starts off with an address by the president, choirs and performances of traditional dances. The festivities climax with a huge concert in the national stadium featuring big names in modern-day Mozambiquen music.
There are cultural events throughout the week leading up to the holiday. The National Dance Company deliver a gala performance, involving current and traditional poetry, music and dance. There is also a national exhibition of visual arts