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Bazarouto Island Benguerra Island Railway Station Central Market
Hotel Polana Museum Of The Revolution Ihaca Island  
Bazaruto Island

Bazaruto Island largest island in the archipelago, is about 23 miles long and four miles wide. The island is bordered by superb stretches of white sand. Huge sand dunes include the eastern strip, while the interior contains big freshwater lakes frequented by a wide selection of water birds such as flamingos and is home to crocodiles.

Located on the northern tip of the island is a lighthouse constructed by the Portuguese over 100 years ago, which signals the large number of ships traveling the historical Mozambique Channel, and affords striking views. World famous for its large game fishing, Bazaruto is also well known as a popular diving destination, with a rich variety of marine life surrounding the island. Tourist facilities, upmarket lodges and exclusive resorts are geared towards luxury tourism.

Benguerra Island
Benguerra is the second largest island, south of Bazaruto and like its neighbor has eye-catching beaches, large sand dunes and freshwater lakes. Its forest and wetland areas attract a diversity of birds and animals. The surrounding reefs offer some of the best diving and snorkeling in the archipelago. Two-Mile Reef to the east of Benguerra, and its protected pool and is an underwater paradise with stunning corals and an abundance of tropical fish, frequented by both divers and snorkelers.

On the nearby sandbanks to the north of the island is where the famous Pansy shells can be found. The majority visitors come to Benguerra for the big game fishing, as its deep waters abound with the likes of marlin and barracuda, and the area is world renowned as a fishing destination. Luxury tourist facilities, upmarket lodges and exclusive resorts are aimed towards ultimate island experience.
Railway Station
Designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1910, the railway station is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world, with marble pillars, wrought iron work and a large central dome. The grand building is one of Maputo's most impressive structures, and is well worth a visit, even if not arriving or departing by train.
Central Market
The Central Market spills out of the shabby, yet beautiful building in which it is housed and is a hub of activity selling all kinds of goods, from handicrafts, basketware and carvings, to fruit and vegetables, a variety of seafood and many household items needed for everyday use. The market is a haven for pickpockets and thieves, though, and visitors should ensure that all valuables are concealed from view.
Hotel Polana
The grand dame of Maputo, Hotel Polana is one of the city's most desirable addresses, overlooking the bay. The historic hotel is a majestic building, evoking the style and sophistication of colonial times, with its gardens, Victorian lift and five-star luxury. A sunset drink in one of its cocktail bars is a must for passing visitors not tempted to splash out on an extravagant stay.
Museum of the Revolution
The museum relates the fascinating history of the revolution in Mozambique, detailing the violent struggle against Portuguese colonialism. Mozambique gained independence in 1975, and various maps, photographs and displays of weapons chronicle the fight. All captions and text are in Portuguese.
Ihaca Island
Located almost 40km off the coast of Maputo and is a popular destination boasting stunning beaches, some of the Mozambique Channel's best coral reefs, a historic lighthouse, marine biology museum and large areas of protected forest. Easily accessible from the capital, it is a favorite with snorkelers and divers who usually head for the reefs at Santa Maria and off the lighthouse, or the surrounding sunken wrecks.

The Santa Maria reef has a strong drift current that runs parallel to the shore and is fantastic for snorkeling, while the Wall is a rocky ledge that drops 20m to the bottom and harbors several caves and ledges filled with a variety of marine life. Game fishing is also popular. Portuguese Island an isolated island just northwest of Inhaca across a narrow strait, which also has magnificent beaches and a lagoon.